Anyone who offers quality services related to the cryptocurrency world can create listings. As a seller, it is your responsibility to maintain a high reputation by providing accurate listings and delivering the orders in time.

You will need a bitcoin wallet to receive payments.

The seller receives payment only after a hold period on 21 days following each completed order. This leaves time to settle any potential dispute between the buyer and the seller. Payments to the seller which have successfully passed their hold period are then sent out on a monthly schedule.

When buying a service from cryptisan, an estimated delivery date is provided with your order. The seller must do its best to complete the order before or on the delivery date. Should the seller fail to fulfill the order in time, you will have 2 weeks to open a dispute. Should the seller fail to provide proof of order fulfillment, the order will be cancelled and the payment will be refunded to you.
To ensure privacy, Cryptisan does not store or ask PII information besides the email address (for notifications) Cryptisan has no KYC requirments and our servers following strict security measure such as encryption at rest and cold storage of temp funds. Cryptisan only holds funds for the duration of the order life, acting as an escrow between the buyer and the seller.
Buyers cannot cancel the order after payment was received. However, an order may be cancelledupon mutual agreement between the buyer and the seller. After accepting to cancel an order, the seller must initiate the cancelation request from the seller actions.